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Bigace Documentation

Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to work with BIGACE.

Welcome to the documentation for the BIGACE CMS!

Install BIGACE
Step-by-step to your new Bigace driven website

Upgrade your System
Step-by-step to the next Bigace Version

Plugins & Extensions
A list of existing addon's, plugins, templates and modules

User Manual
Using BIGACE and its Administration,
editing content, resizing images …

Extending Bigace with your code. Write plugins, design layouts

Administrate and configure your Bigace installation

Team related stuff (e.g. writing for the wiki, release bigace)

Curious about the new startpage? Here is the old version.

If you miss any documentation, let us know in the Forum.

And you are welcome to help us improving the Bigace documentation. Due to massive spam actions on this site, we had to take down the registration, but let us know in the forum and we create an account for you immediately! We can't promise you super-power … but a lot of community love :)

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