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SSL is a way to secure data between your browser and the server. Using SSL it is (almost) impossible to read the data that is sent to you or the way-back to the server. This is especially important, when you log-in to Bigace. If you do not use SSL your password is sent through the Internet un-encrypted.

Therefor it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to activate SSL support for Bigace, to make sure administrative data is ALWAYS encrypted.

If you do not encrypt data, attackers yould able to read your passwords and other secure data using methods like packet sniffing or man-in-the-middle attack.

Since: SSL Support is available since BIGACE 2.5 RC2.

Activate SSL

You can activate SSL in the file /system/config/config.system.php by adding the following line:

define ('BIGACE_USE_SSL', true);

Customize HTTPS address

If you want to use a different SSL address than the one that Bigace automatically uses, you can add the following line to /system/config/config.system.php:

define ('BIGACE_URL_HTTPS', 'https://'. $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . '/');

This needs to point to your SSL activated server or SSL proxy. If you have your own SSL certificate, you normally do not need to add/customize BIGACE_URL_HTTPS. Lets say, your hosting-company offers a free SSL proxy and you want to use it, you could change BIGACE_URL_HTTPS to match th proxy address.

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