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Bigace is not using Sourceforge CVS any longer!

If you want the latest sources, please read: GitHub

Bigace used the Sourceforge CVS Service for a long time. We keep the repository alive for historical reasons ONLY.

Browse the anonymous Web CVS via

Or fetch the sources from the anonymous CVS:

cvs co BIGACE


The following Version TAGs exists for BIGACE:

  • BIGACE_2_7_5
  • BIGACE_2_7
  • BIGACE_2_6
  • BIGACE_2_5
  • BIGACE_2_4
  • BIGACE_2_3
  • BIGACE_2_2
  • BIGACE_2_2_beta
  • BIGACE_2_0_beta
  • BIGACE_1_8

CVS Branches

  • BIGACE_2_4_1
  • BIGACE_2_5
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