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The codeEditor ViewHelper turns a normal TextArea into a Code editor with Syntax highlighting.

The ViewHelper uses CodeMirror but only ships a subset of all available Highlighting Parser. If you need different Highlighter please download CodeMirror and copy the parser to /public/system/codemirror/contrib/.

If Javascript is disabled the user will see a normal textarea. Please note, that the ViewHelper itself only returns a <script> TAG.

It implements a Fluent-Interface and makes use of the magic toString() method.

→ Since BIGACE 3.0

Further infos at the ViewHelper codeEditor() PHPDoc.


  • $name - (required, string)

The $name defines …

  • $value - (required, string)

The $value defines …

  • $attr - (optional, array)

The $attr defines …


Usage in your View is really simple. You can pass the code type as key in the constructor $attr array. We assume that the variable $editorContent holds the PHP code that you want to edit:

  echo '<textarea name="foo">'.$editorContent.'</textarea>';
  echo $this->codeEditor('foo', $editorContent, array('highlighther' => 'php'));

or you set it after initialization:

  echo '<textarea name="foo">'.$editorContent.'</textarea>';
  echo $this->codeEditor('foo', $editorContent)->setHighlighter('php');

Where $name is the name of the editor form element, and $editorContent is the Code to edit.

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