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The News-Example is an Extension to the official News System.

It brings some example Includes and Templates to be used with the News System. After installation, you only have to configure the News System as required and you can start, creating your own small News Website.

The Includes (see below) were made for re-usage, so you can easily extend your own Website without the need of writing own News includes.


  • … information follow…


The following Designs (Templates) are shipped:

  • News-Example - the News start page, to display the current news
  • News-Example-Content - one News page, displaying all available information
  • News-Example-Archive - meant to be the news archive start page, NOT implemented yet!
  • News-Example-Archive-Year - meant to be the year archive start page, NOT implemented yet!
  • News-Example-Archive-Month - meant to be the monthly news archive start page, NOT implemented yet!
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