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Contact Mail Formular

This modul displays a simple Contact Mail Formular, where User can leave their name, email adress, a title (subject) and a short message. If you need additional information from your visitor, you can configure further optional fields.

All these informations will be put together and sent via email to a configurable email account (or a list of recipients).

A “Thank you for your message” message will be shown after email was successful sent. If the email could not be delivered, a short info text will be shown.

Translations available: German, English, Dutch

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Contact Mail Formular detail page


  • Answer text - will be displayed, after the email was successful sent
  • Recipients - a comma separated list of email addresses, who will get this email
  • Optional fields - a comma separated list of additional fields, where the user can enter text. The fields are all optional!
  • Show content above - whether to show the pages content above the email formular
  • Show content below - whether to show the pages content below the email formular
  • Send System Infos - whether to include some system information like domain and date in the email
  • Use Captcha - whether a captcha is required to send a message or not


The look depends on your CSS, the following images are just examples how it could look like.

The first CSS uses a lot of table styles …

Contact Email

… where the second example is styled clean and forward.

Contact Email

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