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This module is a full featured Guestbook, including:

  • a simple blackword support, against human commercial spam
  • captcha support against automatic spam bots
  • guestbook entries with: name, email, webpage and comment
  • admin panel to check and delete entries
  • email on new entry (for administrator to check for spam)
  • configurable module settings (see configurations)

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Guestbook detail page




  • Show Email: whether to show the users email or not
  • Show Disclaimer: whether to show the disclaimer or not
  • Show links at top: whether to show links to switch to next entry page (only if more entries exists than configured in “Entrys per Page”)
  • Show links at bottom: same as Show Links at top:, but for bottom links
  • Use Captchas: if user has to prove humanity by captcha verification
  • Email on new entries: add an email address, where notifications about new postings are sent to
  • Use included CSS: if TRUE the guestbooks uses included CSS settings, for easy integration
  • Entrys per page: how many entries will be displayed on one page
  • Use nofollow for URLs: whether users emails should use rel=“nofollow” or not
  • Blacklist (comma separated): a comma separated list of words and phrases. If one of these is found in a new entry, it will be blocked until changed.
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