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When creating a new version, a new Demo should be created too.

These are the steps to do:

  • Install latest release (seetings see below)
  • Delete installation files
  • Install extensions: SEO, Filemanager …
  • Edit BLIX (Header) and BLIX (Header Applications) templates and add Google analytics code (see below)
  • Switch to phpMyAdmin and truncate the tables: logging,session,statistics
  • Export the database (default settings) and save it as “database.sql”
  • change to installation directory
  • edit /system/config/consumer.ini:
    • change from [localhost] to []
  • edit /system/config/config.system.php:
    • define ('_BIGACE_DIR_PATH', '');
    • add correct database connection values
  • execute “zip -X -r -7 /tmp/ .
  • delete bigace directorys and files from demo website
  • upload database.sql and
  • execute the re-installer script

Installation settings

  • Default language: english
  • DB Prefix: demo_
  • Mod-Rewrite/htaccess: Active
  • Sitename: BIGACE Demo
  • User/PW: admin/admin

Google Analytics

See here for further infos…

Add the following code to the template:

   {google_analytics id="UA-3780238-5"}
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