Contributing code to the official Bigace repository

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So, you want to helper us improving Bigace? GREAT !!!!

Please make sure that you apply to the following rules. Bigace is an GPL licensed open source software and will always be:

  1. Your code is licensed under the GPL
  2. Your code shares the same licensing rules than the rest of the core
  3. Everything (from contributed documentation to source code) will always be free
  4. You can use the development infrastructure, but you need to apply to the minimal rules we have for it (see below)

Okay, lets walk through the development infrastructure quickly…

Code repository

Link: GitHub

Bigace has its an own Subversion repository, sharing the same server than the rest of our development infrastructure.

Please read GitHub and then check-out the latest version.

If you want to contribute and don't have an SVN account yet, you can request it from Kevin. Even though we recommend to wait until we ask you … if you share your time and code through the forum first, we will recognize you early!


Its always up to every developer to find the best IDE for himself. But if you have no experience or maybe did not try it before, we highly recommend using Eclipse PDT with PTI tools installed.

PDT is the main IDE, which will be used for development. PDT is the PHP version of Eclipse (which is originally an IDE for Java development). It can execute the Bigace ANT build files, “talk” to SVN and do so much magic for you… its a great (but sometimes slow) IDE.

PTI is a project to integrate the most important PHP extensions into PDT directly, so they can be executed here. Most importantly it integrates CodeSniffer and PHPUnit test execution. PTI cannot be downloaded, but its update site must be added as Eclipse AddOn repository site (Menu: Help/Install new software)

More infos at:


Link: (Bigace project)

Jira is used as ticketing software and manages multiple open source projects and versions. Please make sure to comment to the correct tickets and Bigace version!

Jira can cross-link commit messages if the messages include the Jira ID. Therefor find your ticket and write its ID (which is the last part in the URL) within the commit message.

For example the ticket has the ID “BIGACE-61” - yo you could write “Fixed BIGACE-61” and Jira would find that message automatically. The same applies for Hudson build, see below.


Link: (Bigace v2)

Hudson is our Continuous integration server and it is used to manage multiple open source projects.

Hudson will cross-link builds to Jira tickets, if it finds a Ticket ID within the commit message! More infos about that feature are mentioned in “Jira” above.

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