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Group Permissions

Group permissions where called functional rights in the last versions.

Group Permissions most often protect admin panel and application access. They are linked to User Groups.

If a User is member of several User Groups, the highest (positive) permissions will be used.

Permission listing

The following listing is an overview of all existing group permission.

  • admin_categorys - Allows to administrate Categories (edit, create, move and delete Categories).
  • admin_configurations - Allows to change Configurations.
  • admin_items - Allows to administrate Items (edit, upload ad delete Images and Files).
  • admin_menus - Allows to administrate Menus (create and delete Menus).
  • admin_users - Allows to administrate User (edit, create and delete user, change Group mapping).
  • autojobs.admin - Configure and activate/deactivate autojobs.
  • community.admin - Allows to edit the Community-Domain Mapping for all Communities.
  • community.deinstallation - Allows to deinstall Communities. SECURITY WARNING!
  • community.installation - Allows to add new Communities to this installation.
  • community.maintenance - Allows to edit the Website Maintenance State and Message.
  • edit.portlet.settings - Allows to open, edit and save the Portlet settings for each Page, the User has write rights on.
  • edit.usergroup - Allows to edit the Usergroups and their Member links.
  • editor.html.sourcecode - Allows to access the HTML Sourcecode.
  • edit_frights - Allows to administrate the User Group Permission.
  • edit_items - Allows to edit Items (update existing ones).
  • edit_menus - Allows to edit Menus (use Editor, Workflow).
  • edit_own_profile - Allows to edit the Users own Profile.
  • export_database - Allows to export the community database.
  • group_frights - Allows to edit the Group-to-Permission mapping. SECURITY WARNING!
  • languages_all_rights - Allows to administrate the languages.
  • logging.messages - Allows to read and clean up all Log messages.
  • module_all_rights - Allows to administrate the installed modules.
  • smarty.designs.edit - Edit existing and create new Page Designs.
  • smarty.stylesheets.edit - Edit existing and create new Stylesheets.
  • smarty.templates.edit - Edit existing and create new Smarty Templates.
  • system_admin - Allows access to some hidden admin plugins.
  • updates_manager - Allows to manage and install Updates.
  • use_editor - Allows to edit page content with an editor. If deactivated the {permission_editcontent} TAG will return false.
  • view_statistics - Allows to view statistics.



  • User A is member of the Usergroups B1 and B2
  • User B is member of the Usergroups B1
  • User C is member of the Usergroups B2 and B3


  • Group B1 has the Group permissions F1 und F2
  • Group B2 has the Group permissions F1 und F4
  • Group B3 has the Group permissions F3 and F4


  • User A has therefor the permissions F1, F2 and F4
  • User B has therefor the permissions F1 and F2
  • User C has therefor the permissions F1, F3 and F4
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