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The {addthis_widget_drop} TAG shows the ADD This widget at the page where you put it to.

The AddThis Widget shows bookmarking links to the most important social bookmarking sites.

See a demo at:

→ Since BIGACE 2.5 (probably)

Please note: If you want to use statistics you need to put in your AddThis username, which has nothing todo with your BIGAEC username! You must register at first. To watch your statistics you need to login at the AddThis website as well!


  • username - (optional, string)

A username for statistic purpose

  • link - (optional, string)

The URL to be bookmarked (if passed, 'item' will be ignored)

  • item - (optional, Item)

The item which should be bookmarked (will be ignored if 'link' is set)

  • title - (optional, string)

Name for the bookmark (if not set, the URL will be used)


This example shows how to add a default AddThis widget with activated statistics.

   <title>AddThis for {$MENU->getName()}</title>
   {addthis_widget_drop username="dummy" item=$MENU}
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