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The {comments} TAG is a multi-purpose TAG, both used for fetching and creating comments.

It is part of the Comments Extension.


These configurations impact the behaviour of the TAG:

  • use.captcha
  • email.required
  • allow.html

Please read more about them here.


  • assign - (required, int)

The name of the template variable the comments will be assigned to. The returned/assigned value is an array of comments.

  • preview - (optional, boolean)

Whether the preview of the last comment should be included or not.

If you want to enable saving of comments:

  • post (required, boolean) - since 1.1

Whether posted comments should be saved or ignored.

  • admin (required, string)

Name of the smarty variable where the feedback is added to (see below).

Pass information for which item you want to fetch and save comments for:

  • item (required, Item)

The Item to fetch the comments for.


  • id (required, int)

The Item ID to fetch comments for.

  • language (required, string)

The language to fetch comments for.

  • itemtype (optional, int)

The Itemtype to fetch comments for. Default is “1” for menus.

"admin" feedback variable

The following keys are in the “admin” feedback variable:

  • missing

If someone tried to post a comment, this array holds the keys of the missing values (array is empty if none was missing). Possible keys are: “name”, “email”, “comment” and “captcha”.

  • mode

The mode that was executed. Possible modes are: “preview” and “create”.

  • spam

If this comment was spam, this key is set with true as value.


For a full example, please have a look into the Comments-Listing-Form.tpl include, which is shipped with the Comments Extension.

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