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The {directory} TAG returns directorys, depending on your installation and configuration.

It recognizes whether you have de-/activated URL Rewriting and if you installed in a subdirectory or not. The TAG creates absolute URLs, including the protocol http:. → Since BIGACE 2.1. ===== Attributes ===== * name - (optional, string) The name of the directory to return. * assign - (optional, string) The name of the variable, the directory will be assigned to. If given, no value will be returned, only the variable is set. ===== List of possible “names” ===== This is a (uncomplete) list of values for the name attribute with their descripton. * public - points to /public/ * addon_web - points to /addon/ The default value (if no name parameter is used) will return the directory /public/cid{CID}/ as absolute URL. ===== Example ===== For all examples we assume: * Community ID: 1 * Domain: * Installed in the subdirectory: cms/ ==== Example 1 ==== This example displays the Image “foo.jpg” from the Communitys public subdirectory “bar”: <code html> <img src=“{directory}bar/foo.jpg” alt=“” /> </code> What would create the URL: ==== Example 2 ==== The next example displays the Image “foo.jpg” from the public directory: <code html> <img src=“{directory name=“public”}foo.jpg” alt=“” /> </code> This creates the URL:**.

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