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The {faq_latest} TAG fetches the latest FAQ entries from all categories.


  • assign - (required, string)

The name of the template variable the result array will be assigned to.

  • order - (optional, string)

Default order is DESC, Possible values are ASC and DESC.

  • start - (optional, int)

The first value to fetch. Default is 0.

  • end - (optional, int)

The last value to fetch. Default is 10.


This fetches the last 10 FAQ entries.

   <title>Latest 10 FAQs</title>
   {faq_latest assign="entries"}
   {foreach from=$entries item="faq"}
     <div class="faqEntry">
       <b>Question</b>: {$faq.question}
       <br />
       <b>Answer</b>: {$faq.answer}
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