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The {link_item_languages} creates (and optional displays) links to all item language versions.

→ Since BIGACE 2.5


  • item - (required, Item)

The item to display links for

  • assign - (optional, string)

The name of the template variable the links will be assigned to, if not set the links are echo'ed

  • spacer - (optional, string)

The spacer between the languages

  • delimiter - (optional, string)

The delimiter between the passed locales

  • css - (optional, string)

Classname to be applied to links

  • hideActive - (optional, string)

Do not show active language link (default false)

  • images - (optional, boolean)

If set to false the language names will be displayed (default: true)

  • locale - (optional, string)

The locale to display the language names in

  • directory - (optional, string)

Folder where the images are taken from (optional)

  • names - (optional, boolean) - added with 2.7

Whether to show the language name in the link (default: true). If you set “names” and “images” to false, “names” will be resetted to true!


This example shows how to .

   <p>All languages of the current page <b>{$MENU->getName()}</b>:</p>
   {link_item_languages item=$MENU}
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