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The {metatags} TAG renders HTML tags used in the HTML header.

The following meta tags will be generated:

  • title
  • meta name=“description”
  • meta name=“author”
  • meta name=“robots”
  • meta name=“generator”
  • link rel=“canonical”

→ Since BIGACE 2.5.


  • item - (required, Item object)

The Item to be used for generating meta tags.

  • assign - (optional, string)

The name of the template variable the value will be assigned to.

  • author - (optional, string)

The name of the author to be used.

  • prefix - (optional, string)

The prefix to be prepended to every created TAG.


This TAG sends the following “action filter” as described here:

The SEO Plugin makes use of these filter. If you installed and activated it, your metatags output may vary from the provided example.


This example shows to use {metatags} in your templates.

{metatags item=$MENU prefix="   " author="Alice and Bob"}
   Hello World

This will be rendered to something like this:

   <title>your menu title here</title>
   <meta name="description" content="your menu description here" />
   <meta name="robots" content="index,follow" />
   <meta name="generator" content="BIGACE 2.7" />
   <meta name="author" content="Alice and Bob" />
   Hello World
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