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The {news} TAG loads a list of (categorized) News Items.

This TAG is normally used to display the latest News in a list, with a link to a News detail page.

→ Since BIGACE 2.4 RC1 and installed News Extension.


  • assign - (required, int)

The name of the template variable the value will be assigned to.

  • category - (optional, string)

A (comma separated) list of Category IDs, that will be used when fetching News. All News linked at least to one of these Categories will be returned.

  • counter - (optional, string)

Name of the Template variable the amount of returned Items will be assigned to.

  • orderby - (optional, string)

The column, the Items will be ordered by. Default is “createdate”, what should normally apply in a News System…

  • order - (optional, string)

The order of the returned Items. Possible values are “ASC” and “DESC”.

  • start - (optional, int)

Start Item, default is 0. Requires “end” or “limit” to be set.

  • end - (optional, int)

Last Item, should be set when using “start” attribute.

  • limit - (optional, int)

Replaces the “start” and “end” attribute. The amount of fetched News Items.

  • language - (optional, string)

This parameter should NOT BE used, unless you REALLY know how the News System works!

  • hidden - (optional, boolean) → since News v1.1

If set to “true” this will show hidden (unreleased) news as well. Default is to hide them (false).


This example loads 3 News linked to the Category 1 and/or 2.

   <title>Fetching categorized News</title>
   {news category="1,2" limit="3" assign="currentNews"}
   {foreach from=$currentNews item="newsPage"}

This example loads the latest 10 News and displays them in a list with the News image (as thumbnail) including title and teaser. Click the image or the “more” link to display the full News.

   <title>Fetching 10 latest News</title>
  <div class="news">
    {news assign="currentNews" limit=10}
    {foreach from=$currentNews item="newsPage"}
      {load_item itemtype=4 id=$newsPage->getImageID() assign="newsImage"}
      <a href="{link item=$newsPage}" title="{$newsImage->getName()}">
        <img src="{thumbnail id=$newsPage->getImageID() width="100"}" class="newsThumbnail" alt="{$newsImage->getName()}" align="left">
      <p>{$newsPage->getTeaser()} <a href="{link item=$newsPage}">more</a></p>
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