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The {news_item} TAG loads one single News item.

→ Since BIGACE 2.4 and installed News Extension.


  • id - (required, int)

The ID of the News item to load.

  • assign - (required, string)

The name of the template variable the News item will be assigned to.


This example shows how to load a News item and its linked image. The News item is represented by the current page (but you could replace $MENU→getID() easily with any News ID you want to).

   <title>I am a News</title>
   {news_item id=$MENU->getID() assign="NEWS"}
   {load_item itemtype=4 id=$NEWS->getImageID() assign="newsImage"}
   <p><a href="{link item=$newsPage}" title="{$newsImage->getName()}"><img src="{link item=$newsImage}" style="float:left"></a>
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