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The {permission_editcontent} TAG checks if the something usefull.

→ Since BIGACE 2.5.


This example shows how to check permissions and display standard links:

If user is anonymous:

  • Login

If user is logged-in:

  • Editor (if user has permission)
  • Administration
  • Logout
<div id="content">
  <p>Hellow World</p>
  {modul menu=$MENU}
<div id="footer">
  {if !$USER->isAnonymous()}
    {permission_editcontent assign='allowEditor'}
    {if $allowEditor}
      <a href="{link_editor id=$MENU->getID() language=$MENU->getLanguageID()}">Editor</a> |
    <a href="{link_admin}">Administration</a> |
    <a href="{link_logout}">Logout</a>
    <a href="{link_login}">Login</a>
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