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The {random_image} TAG fetches random filesnames from a directory.

This feature can be useful for example when creating an image slider.


  • assign - (required, int)

The name of the template variable the array of filenames will be assigned to.

  • dir - (required, string)

The directory to load files from..

  • extensions - (optional, string)

A comma separated list of file extensions which that should be used when searching files. Defaults to “gif,png,jpg,jpeg”.

  • amount - (optional, int)

Amount of maximum files that should be returned. Defaults to 1. If less files were found, all found will be returned.


This example shows a simple example, where we fetch 5 images from the folder /public/cid1/slider/:

       {directory name="stylesheets" assign="imgDir"}
       {random_image amount="5" dir="$imgDir/slider/" assign="images"}          
       {foreach from=$images item="imgFile"}
          <li><img src="{directory}slider/{$imgFile}" height="110" alt="" /></li>
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