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First steps

You want to help us by writing Wiki articles?! GREAT!!!!

Just take a short break and read the next parts to get an idea of how we organize this Wiki.

Never used a wiki?

Great you considered to help nevertheless! We all started somewhen ;-) Start with some basic information about the Wiki software we use at: What is DokuWiki?

Then register and then have a look at the Wiki syntax pages. Test your new knowledge in the playground.

Writing articles

If you write a new article, first create it below Construction site. After you think its finished, please post in the forum and we will move it to the correct place then.


Please start with a heading and a short introduction.

Structure it naturally, as you would do with an office document. Use the different headings and list items. If you need style elements, try to stick with Bold tags.

The wiki should be a great help, if you are not familiar with the Wiki syntax.

Moved pages - Redirects

If the content of a page moved to another URL, please do not delete the old page, but leave the Heading and replace the body with the redirect snippet:


Replace either the complete namespace or just the xxxxx with the new page URL token.

Page snippets

Incomplete articles

If you created an article that can be considered as “incomplete”, add the following code directly below the first headline:


This will add the following info box about the articles status and let users know that they should come back soon for updated information:

This article is incomplete, please help extending it. If you don't want to edit the wiki directly, please leave your thoughts in the documentation forum.

After updating this article, please remove the include block {{page>wiki:templates:incomplete}}.

Removed with v3

If a page is not relevant any more with Bigace v3 include the following code:


This article can be considered deprecated, as the described functionality will be removed with Bigace v3.

It might still be relevant if you use version 2.7.3 or less.


There is the attempt to create Templates for article types, that are used often (like the Smarty Tags). Please have a look at the Wiki Templates if there is a template you might use.

If can't find your requested template, but think it might be useful, please go ahead and create it for later re-usage. Give us a short hint in the Forum then.


We use the Tango Icon Gallery for decorating articles with images.

The goal of the Tango Desktop Project is “to create a consistent user experience for Open Source software” and we love this idea!

Want to include images in your articles? Then check-out the Icon Syntax.

Improving articles

Want to start with improving an article to learn how things work? Read through the existing articles, you will for sure find pages that can need an update.

You can have a look at the TODO list. There is a summary of required changes. Probably you want to start with one of those.

Leave a short summary when saving an article.


If you wrote or improved an article and want to share some information about yourself, please do so and create a page below the wiki:author namespace.

You need to use your username (used for logging into the wiki) as pagename. For example my username is “kevin” so my author page is at wiki:author:kevin.

At the end you can link your profile below …


Big thanks to all out there, who help us improving this Wiki:

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

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